Airline or Commercial Pilot


Airline or Commercial Pilots are aviation professionals who navigate and fly helicopters, aeroplanes and other aircraft. 

Though the technical abilities for both the airline and commercial pilots are similar, you can find a difference in their job profiles. 


Airline Pilots:

Airline Pilots usually work with airlines that deal in providing a commute system for people or cargo at a fixed schedule. 

In short, we can say that an airline pilot has a pre-specified work routine. 

Commercial Pilots:

A Commercial Pilot flies the aeroplanes for other purposes including charter flights, aerial photography, rescue operations, fire fighting and more.

Commercial Pilot is more involved in unscheduled flight activities; they are not bound with fixed work routines. 

Eligibility to Become an Airline Pilot or Commercial Pilot:

Some of the essential prerequisites to become an Airline Pilot includes:

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