Our Services

Compass Aviator aims at defining the right direction for all the available career options in the aviation industry. We want the students dreaming of touching the sky in the airline sector to reach heights, following the right guidance. To help them rise and shine, the consultancy team of Compass Aviator mentor students after understanding their personalised requirements.

Details Of Services

Aviation Career Counselling

You can propel your career only if you give a right start to it. We at Compass Aviator understand the importance of moving in the appropriate direction.
To help the candidates, we provide them with regular counselling sessions with Aviation Experts.

In these counselling sessions, you can know about all the available career options in the aviation industry. As per the personalised requirement of the candidate, we connect them to the specific consultant.
Like for students willing to make career advancements as commercial pilots, we initiate their interaction with top pilots of the aviation industry; the same criterion applies to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and others.
The counselling session can be planned over skype, facetime, phone and through our website, as per the convenience of the students and availability of the students.

Some of the conventional career options in the field of Aviation Include:

  • ● Airline Commercial Pilot
  • ● Charter Pilot
  • ● Helicopter Pilot
  • ● Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • ● Airport Manager
  • ● Ground Handling Agent at Airport Authorities of India or Airlines or Any other Pvt company
  • ● Air Traffic Controller
  • ● Airline Manager
  • ● Aircraft Technician
  • ● Maintenance Engineer with MRO's and Airport Operators

In these counselling sessions, our consultants brief you about the Aviation technical courses, course fees, accommodation, training in India and abroad. They also inform you about the career and related job opportunities that associate with a particular direction.

Aviation Career Admissions:

Once you finalise your Aviation career, the next step is to seek admission in the best possible Aviation schools.
Under this service, we guide the students with the criteria for seeking admission in top aviation institutes. For different career options, Compass Aviator has the tie-up with the best institutes across the globe.
Getting admission in the right institute is just like giving the kick start to your career. As it is rightly said, "Well Begun is Half Done". With the better institute, there are higher chances of practical learning and the enormous scope for expected placements.

We help you with the application process of:

  • ● Aviation Management
  • ● Commercial Pilot Licence
  • ● Private Pilot Licence
  • ● Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • ● Radio Telephony Restricted Licence

We can also arrange a personalised session of the student and the parents with Aviation Expert if requested. It helps with better understanding of the institute and career opportunities.

For the admission in Aviation schools, we help you in completing the:

  • ● Pre-requisites of the admission
  • ● Visa Assistance
  • ● Eligibility check of the student
  • ● Medical Fitness analysis
  • ● Application and acceptance of documents.

In short, we guide you in every possible way until you receive the acceptance letter.

Adventure Sports:

It is yet another service offered by Compass Aviator. If the adventure and thrill excite your life, you must leave the thoughts about caging yourself in the closed cockpits.
If you like to fly high in the open sky, you have the opportunity to spread your wings in the open air. There are career options for such candidates to become a:

  • ● Paragliding Trainer, or
  • ● Skydiving Trainer.

Now, how to start such a career, you can avail complete assistance from expert consultants at Compass Aviator.

The first step to start the right career is giving it a well-planned start, as per your interest and above all dreams. Never get influenced by any deviations, just follow your dreams. If being an aviation professional is your destination, Compass Aviator is here to be a 24 x 7 companion to your journey.