About Us


Compass Aviator is a real blue team that aims high in the stars. We, the group of Compass Aviator, belong to the world of Aviation and are well aware of all the pros & cons of this industry.

Each one of us belongs to different domains of the Aviation Industry and explored our work very closely.

We reached the heights in the world of Aviation after a lot of struggle and hard work. Now, we wish that the youngsters dreaming of landing on the sky must not depart of the knowledge we did on our time. The lack of knowledge about any field can make your journey longer as well as filled with struggle.

Compass Aviator came into existence in April 2019. We wish to spread the comprehension, that Aviation Industry is not only about being a pilot and flying in the sky, but it has several other career options.

Right from manufacturing, assembling, guidance for flying, controlling, maintenance and a lot more are a part of Aviation. It is a booming industry having several domains, and each genre has its significance as well as numerous opportunities.


To reach the unexplored heights of Aviation Terrene and convert fantasy into reality

Why Choose Compass Aviator?

Compass Aviator has a collaboration with the top institutes of the Aviation Industry, providing the diploma, degree, and postgraduate courses to the students as per their interest.

Time is highly essential in the Aviation Industry. It is possible to achieve maximum, in a minimum possible time; but for that, you need the right guidance. The team of Compass Aviator is your full-time companion wherever, and whenever you need.

Our customer support team is just an approach away. We work 24 x 7 to assist students at the time of need. You can contact us online through email, social media support or directly through our website.

The students, along with their parents, can even visit our office for a face to face interaction to get a more unobstructed view of all the possible careers and the scope of the Aviation Industry.

We also help you receive the personalised fee structure for your desired courses, from the top Aviation Institutes across the globe.

If a student is admitted to a foreign institute, we take care of all the requirements. No student faces difficulty under the assistance of our team. No matter is it about visa approval or financial issues.

Apart from that; we also charter private jets for your customised use. So, in case you want to airlift a patient or add an exceptional charm to your pre-wedding photoshoot or want to fly for your destination wedding or any other reasons, you can contact us.


Introducing the different aspects of the Aviation Industry to the students, and help them explore it in minimum possible time. We also aim at making the students avail the right training, education and experience in the world of Aviation, and add shining stars to their career.

How is Compass Aviator Different from Other Aviation Consultancies?

  • Compass Aviator is not a team of consultants that we have hired from the market. Each of the team members is themselves a part of the Aviation Industry, and thus well aware of all the industrial facts.
  • It helps us to make the student aware of reality. We let them know how the life of the people in the aviation industry is different from others. We prepare them to reflect a better version of themselves and how to overcome the difficulties.
  • Moreover, we are not there to accompany the candidate only until they receive the admission in the institute, but we are with them forever. Our support team always stands by the side of the student unless they have succeeded in accomplishing their dream.
  • The team of Compass Aviator works happily 24 x 7 x 365 to help the students at every step of building their shining career.