Compass Aviator, will be assisting you each and every step in visa processing. It gives full-fledged professional guidance in documentation for VISA, and tacking VISA personal interview.
Yes, Compass Aviator will assist you in procedures and formalities for applying for conversion of license.
Yes, compass aviator will give enrolment only with your DGCA Class II medical. You can get the nearest DGCA approved doctors phone number and address from Compass Aviator.

When you do the Class II medical, it is better to do Class I screening test also. DGCA has eased out the Class I appointment dates by appointing three major private hospitals and you will get the desired dates after your training in abroad. However to confirm to Class I medical standards, you need to undergo Class I screening/mock test.

You have to note that you have to do the medical of the country which you plan to go. So, you have to do that country medical also with the approved doctors. USA and Canada approved doctors are already available in India. Compass Aviator strongly recommends the students to do country specific medicals before departure.
Compass Aviator will update you all these now and then. Compass Aviator suggests all of its students to get in contact through phone / email / chat.
  1. Getting Class II medical assessment from DGCA
  2. Applying for Class I medical
  3. Applying for ‘File forwarding’ to DGCA for Class I appointment
  4. Applying for Computer Number
  5. Applying for RT Exam/RT License Conversion.
  6. Applying for Examination
It is not at all necessary. Because, all these flight schools start training from the fundamentals of aviation only. But, when compare to other countries, DGCA examination will be hard. So, before you go for conversion examination, it is better to undergo ground classes with experience instructors as per DGCA examination point of view in India. Compass Aviator also will assist you in training for the same.
To become a Pilot, English communication is mandatory. You can avail Compass Aviatot assistance to get out of this problem
Compass Aviator is a registered Company in India. It is a team of Aviation Experts who have experience in the industry from several years. No, it just charges you for its Consultation.