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Compass Aviator is the “ONE & ONLY” real time aviation career counsellors, adventure sports trainers and service providers in India and around the globe. Being the world class professionals, we are well served for all students and clients for bright future. To be very enlightened among many people and professional heads. We are highly appreciated in many fields of aviation programs and courses.

The company was established in April 2019 by the vision of Ms. Nanki Dev. Her vision was clear to help the professionals to achieve successful career in Aviation and adventure sports. The primary and the most important focus is to give all the students a guide for their aviation and adventure sports career. At Compass Aviators all experts have 10 years of experience.

Right from manufacturing, assembling, maintenance and in lot more departments jobs are freely available after 100% guidelines to students. Aviation is best industry to work in, as there are many growth opportunities in the coming years. The world is using more of advanced system which is why technologies are getting smarter and smarter. And YOU just are required to be trained and educated for bright future in Aviation Departments.


Ms. Nanki Dev says,

“It was my dream to help Indian and international students who want to be a part of aviation industry. Today we have made it easy for you to achieve great heights in aviation careers and adventure sports. We take care of the complete end to end process for your counselling, admission process and job assisting. No one can now say, you cannot work for aviation because of some reason like finance or paper work along with document.”


To achieve the best for student’s career growth without failing their career goals for wealthy lifestyle with career counselling, trainings and 100% job assistance..


7 Core Values for Being the “ONE & ONLY”

  • C – Confident
    We deal Confidently for Any Students, for us your career life is important.
  • O- Outstanding
    Nothing can compare the outstanding way for getting you through for aviation careers.
  • M- Measurable
    We measure your value for aviation careers, we refine you like gold.
  • P- Paveway
    We make your journey paveway for Great Future Goals.
  • A -Astute
    We Train You to be Astute and Build You like Never Before.
  • S- Successful
    We Make your Stories Successful for Next Level Growth.
  • S- Solitaire
    Always being Solitaire for those who find us online and in the journey of life.
  • Aviator
    Showing You the Right Direction!


To maintaining a High-Quality Service for Students and experienced professionals for aviation career growth and adventure sports with 100% Documentation.



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